7’scarlet [Rambles]


After Pyschedelica of the Black Butterfly, I was excited to get my hands on 7’scarlet — it being the next out of Aksys Summer of Mystery otoge that they were releasing. This was a game I had more information on going in in comparison to the first Psychedelica game, and after it was announced to be localized I was really happy considering I’d nearly gone and imported a copy after much debate.

Thankfully I hadn’t gone and done that, the localization announcement happening just in time. So, with the English version preordered I waited, and after all this time I finally received my copy!

Of course, I immediately dove into it.

(Be warned, this review contains spoilers!)

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CharadeManiacs AmiAmi Limited Edition [Unboxing]


Now that I’m not being held up by schoolwork, and other life priorities, I managed to get all of my pictures up for my copy of CharadeManiacs! I couldn’t get the greatest images this time around because the lighting in my house wouldn’t agree with my phone, but they’re clear and the set can be seen clearly, so here we go!

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Collar x Malice -Unlimited- Stellaworth Limited Edition [Unboxing]


I had meant to get this post out much sooner than this, but due to various real life delays along with the fact my image hosting site decided to be dumb for a day, it took me some time to finally get all my photos uploaded and organized. Needless to say, when I got this package I was beyond excited! It’d taken some time to get to my proxy, but when it did I couldn’t have paid for the shipping fast enough!

Then, after a few days of waiting, it finally came! There were a couple of other items I’d had packaged with my set, so I’ll be showing them off to.

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Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly [Rambles]


I was so worried it wouldn’t get delivered since our street sign next to the highway got hit and taken down, but here it is! I was so happy to get my copy of Psychedelica, there were so many features that made me excited to finally get this game. I’d always heard great things, how it was a favorite among people that had played it, and I couldn’t help but feel happy and immediately interested when Aksys announced it as one of their localization projects — everyone reacted so strongly, after all!

Now, since this game doesn’t follow the typical formula for otome games, due to the flow chart and all — I’m going to more so go over the characters and my impressions of them, as well as going over the main overall story between them. I figured it would be easier than trying to go over each branch of the flow chart, so with that let’s get to it!

Be warned though, this review will contain spoilers!
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Image Issues

Currently, the image hosting site I’m using is experiencing some issues. As of right now, I’m going through and updating all the images that aren’t working anymore, but if the issues resolve themselves and the images mess up again… I guess I’ll go back and fix them again.

Honestly, ever since Photobucket went stupid, it’s been hard to find a good image hosting site. Sorry everyone!

:: EDIT ::

As of right now, all images are working properly again, if anything disrupts that and they stop working again I’ll do my best to fix them!

Nil Admirari no Tenbin Anime | Episode 1 [Rambles]


With the new anime season comes one series I have been concerned about yet at the same time looking forward to, and that series is Nil Admirari no Tenbin’s adaptation. While this wasn’t a review I had planned on doing initially, after watching the episode I felt the urge to get my thoughts together to write up my initial impression. With that, my first impression will be below the cut!

Warning: Possible mild game spoilers?? I tried to be as least spoiler-y as possible, at least!

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Code Realize ~Future Blessings~ | Finis [Walkthrough]


Following Herlock’s route, the only other route that requires us to make dialogue choices is Finis. With that said, listed below under the cut will be the walkthrough using the choices I’d made much like in Herlock’s route.

I hope you all enjoy, and find this helpful!

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