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Currently, the image hosting site I’m using is experiencing some issues. As of right now, I’m going through and updating all the images that aren’t working anymore, but if the issues resolve themselves and the images mess up again… I guess I’ll go back and fix them again.

Honestly, ever since Photobucket went stupid, it’s been hard to find a good image hosting site. Sorry everyone!

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As of right now, all images are working properly again, if anything disrupts that and they stop working again I’ll do my best to fix them!


Nil Admirari no Tenbin Anime | Episode 1 [Rambles]


With the new anime season comes one series I have been concerned about yet at the same time looking forward to, and that series is Nil Admirari no Tenbin’s adaptation. While this wasn’t a review I had planned on doing initially, after watching the episode I felt the urge to get my thoughts together to write up my initial impression. With that, my first impression will be below the cut!

Warning: Possible mild game spoilers?? I tried to be as least spoiler-y as possible, at least!

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Code Realize ~Future Blessings~ | Finis [Walkthrough]


Following Herlock’s route, the only other route that requires us to make dialogue choices is Finis. With that said, listed below under the cut will be the walkthrough using the choices I’d made much like in Herlock’s route.

I hope you all enjoy, and find this helpful!

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Code Realize ~Future Blessings~ | Herlock Sholmes [Walkthrough]


With the release of Code Realize: Future Blessings & Code Realize: Bouquet of Rainbows, I figured I’d do walkthroughs for the two newest routes provided in the Future Blessings fandisk! Other routes such as the After Stories for the original romanceable characters require no walkthrough as there are no dialogue options to be made, nor are there any dialogue options for the Lupin Gang side story.

Now, to start things off, I decided to jump right into Herlock’s route!

These are the choices I made in regards to getting his endings in my copy of the Japanese version of the game.

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Kenka Bancho Otome | Or, Lack Thereof…


Another day, another disappointment — of course, that’s how many otoge fans feel with Spike Chunsoft’s continued silence on Kenka Bancho Otome and I would have to agree with them. It’s been a long two years, and we’ve still heard nothing on the possibility of the game’s localization despite it winning the poll they’d created so long ago.

It’s a situation we’re all pretty familiar with at this point, but I wanted to get my feelings put out in a more organized post rather than scattered tweets on Twitter. This isn’t something anyone has to bother themselves with reading, but if you’re interested then feel free!

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Rose in the Embers | Misao Higuchi [Rambles]


Now, it’s been some time since I’ve had a chance to pick up any mobile otome games and I honestly thought I might never get to again after Voltage announced their move to their Love 365 app — my phone wasn’t compatible, and I was about to just give up on mobile otome all together, but then I discovered my mother’s old tablet was compatible with the app and…let’s just say I’m stuck in mobage hell again thanks to that.

With Voltage’s new app came new stories and I was interested in both; however, the one I felt I could write something on ended up being from their series a Rose in the Embers and from the available routes, Misao was the character that caught my interest.

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Shiro to Kuro no Alice [Rambles]


After a long wait, both in terms of postage and the game’s initial release — I finally picked up Shiro to Kuro no Alice! I’d been pretty neutral at first towards this game when it was first being advertised, but as time passed and I read more into it my interest was piqued. I had always liked the artstyle, but after I learned more about it and let my interest take control I began to like the character designs even more.

I had held a twitter poll to decide on what I’d buy when the new year rolled around, and this game won by a long shot against Norn9: Last Era and Hakuouki Reimeiroku. I eventually want to pick up the other two; however, I was torn on which out of the three to get first and now that I’ve played it — I’m very happy this one won!

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